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April 5, 2013
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Mathias watched from the corner of his eye as ______ chatted away in the passenger seat. It never ceased to amaze him how every word she said, even just the tone sound of her voice itself was full of life.

The young Dane had felt this way for so long now he could even remember when it first started.

At first it was simple admiration, how the girl could flit about the university campus and brighten the mood almost instantly. Then it was friendship, something he had wanted for so long after he had first noticed her but never knew how to start. Then it was a crush, how could he not fall for her after all when she acted with such kindness, making him feel like he could touch the sky.

And now, now he knew it was love. He had known for quite some time and each moment they spent together cemented it.

This brings us to the current situation. Where he was once again taking any possible chance to be with her and assisting her on a grocery shopping trip. Not quite the most romantic thing in the World…

“Here Mathias! There’s a good park just in front of the store!” said the voice that brought him out of his thoughts and into the real world. The two parked and ________ walked in with a slight bounce in her step and a cheerful grin. Damn! Why was she always so darn cute!

As they begin shopping, Mathias walking beside ______ pushing the trolley for her, _____ smiled brightly and picked out several discount items. Then as they began to reach the end of the first isle ______ turned “Mathias would you go pick out some soups for me?” she asked, (E/C) eyes sparkling in a way that only hers could.

“Of course kære! I the King of Europe will find the best soups in this store!” he said, but of course his speaking voice was more like everyone else’s shouting voice. But ______ never yelled at him but instead chose to giggle and shake her head at his obvious arrogance.

As soon as the two had parted he was back to reprimanding himself. Why did I do that? Soup? Seriously! I just boasted about choosing soup!?!
As he finally found the correct isle he continued to look at the items with a dazed expression.

Why is she buying soup anyway? She should have to eat this premade supermarket trash! She should be going out with me to have a delicious dinner at some awesome looking bar! Dammit! I should have noticed that she picked all the discount stuff! Why am I such an idiot! She’s a part time waitress at university for crying out loud of course she’s poor! I should be getting her luxury items and taking care of her, I get paid well enough as a country! DAMMIT WHY AM I STILL TALKING TO MYSELF AND STANDING HERE LIKE A LOSER!!! IM THE KING OF THE NORTH - HARRR MAN UP MATHIAS!!!

Finally choosing a couple of canned soups he went off to find ______. If only I wasn't such a wimp I could do all this stuff for her! Darn her! Why can’t she let me be romantic instead of acting all friendly and cute!

He gulped as he saw her reaching up to grab some thing off the top shelf, she paused what she was doing to look at him. Her face lighting up with a smile that was reserved for him alone – him Mathias Kohler, King of Europe.

Suddenly he heard a yell and there was Alfred standing and waving idiotically at ______ from the other side of her. “Hey _____! What’s happening bra! Here let the hero help you with that!” he boomed and grabbed the item down from the shelf for her. She turned to beam at him and Mathias nearly choked on his own breath.

“Thanks Alfie!” _____ replied in a sing-song voice making Mathias clench his fists at the pet name she had given him. “I’m just grabbing a few groceries, how ‘bout you! How is the hero today?”  She said and the two continued the conversation while Mathias causally tried to steady him on the isle shelves.

It wasn't long until _____ had decided to move on with her shopping, waving goodbye to Alfred and turning to push the trolley back over to Mathias. The two walked silently over to the checkouts and _____ quickly spoke up saying “OH! Just give me a second! I forgot something!” she whizzed off again while the Danish ma began to stack the items on the check out.

The young checkout girl looked at his well-toned body and messy blonde hair with interest and began to casually flirt with him as he placed the items on the counter.

“So sweetie, what’s your name.” She said batting her eyelashes sensually as he replied. She continued to make passes at him, ‘accidently’ touching his hand or leaning a little too far over so he could see down her shirt.

Suddenly she looked up at him as the items were all passed through and smiled seductively saying “You know they have a pretty dark alley out the back, and I get off my shift soon….” At that moment Mathias turned to see _____ standing with a dark blush covering her cheeks.

“I….um…” she stuttered. “Who’s the child?” the chick at the counter drawled and _______ simply turned at darker shade of red. She placed her final item on the counter and waited for the cashier to give her the sales total when Mathias stepped forward gruffly.

“______ is not a child, Ko. Now may I have my bill?” He said almost harshly and quickly paid for all of the groceries on his card, gathered the bags and carried them out.
_______ followed behind quickly, got in the car after Mathias.

The drove back to her house silently and Mathias looked over at her after he had parked. The girl whose bright face he loved so much was no longer shining and he could tell she was trying so hard to hide her feelings.

“______-“he began when she suddenly looked out the window and said something extremely softly.
“What” he asked in confusing but received no reply so instead he reached over and turned her face to see him.
Finding tears in her eyes was one of the most painful things Mathias ever saw. “I-I’m sorry Mathias…” she said with a slight tremor.

“Why should you be sorry min kærlighed?” He asked in confusion. Suddenly _____ burst into tears. Quicker than your could say cinnamon Danishes Mathias had pulled her onto his lap and close to his chest.

”I-I’m sorry I’m such a child! I don’t deserve you or all the sweet things you do for me! I-

I’m so sorry!” she cried into his shoulder as he held her, rubbing her back soothingly.

”Don’t cry _______, it hurts me to see you like this. You aren't a child at all and you deserve more than I could ever give you!” he said with such honesty and fierce passion that she looked up in shock.

”But, I act like such a baby all the time! And you're always giving me stuff or helping me, there is no way I could ever repay your kindness or your patience! Let alone ask for.....” she trailed off not finishing her sentence.

Mathias looked down at her and spoke tenderly”______, you can ask me for anything. I would do anything for you! You are not a baby, you and the most joyful, accepting, patient, loving person I have ever met! When I see you I instantly feel happy and even more special when you talk to me! I do all these things because Jeg elsker dig.” He said kissing the girls temple and brushing away her tears.

”I love you ______”

_____ began to cling to him, pulling herself close as possible “I love you to Mathias; I love you more than anything! But I don't deserve you love!”
This made the Dane laugh, loud and heartily. ”You have no idea how long I have wanted to hear that! I almost had a heart attack when you were talking to Alfred today! You deserve everything ____ and I will do my best to give you everything! I will never leave you!”

”I don’t need everything Mathias, just you.”
Sorry for my random drabble. I hope you like it!
Sorry if my Danish is wrong - I used Google translate cause I'm lazy like that.

I don't own Hetalia - credit to Hidekaz Himaruya
I own the story
You own you!
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